Virtual DPO Services in the Midlands and London

Being an independent voice to assure GDPR is followed to protect your business against fines and security breaches.

Economit understands the burden of setting aside precious time and resource to comply with the many requirements of GDPR. We’re here to make it easier and simpler for you to achieve, so you can benefit from the changes sooner.

What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has placed stricter governance rules around data protection which are more complex and time-consuming to comply with and can result in harsher fines than they did previously.

GDPR ensures that data subjects have greater rights to access and control the information that companies process about them, businesses have tighter regimes for the management of data and the DPO which has to be appointed dedicates time to monitor compliance. In certain cases, a Data Protection Officer (DPO) is now a mandatory appointment for undertaking large-scale processing of ‘special category personally identifiable information’ (PII).

Our Virtual DPO service

We can become your experienced Virtual DPO as a cost-effective solution for meeting requirements, so you don’t have bear the cost and responsibility of hiring some-one. Our expert IT consultant impartially monitors and advises on your data management practices in a way that doesn’t disrupt your normal day-to-day business operations. This puts us in a strong position to support the communication of any changes to both your team and your clients.

Data Protection Officer
Virtual DPO

Appoint our consultants to become your Data Protection Officer to advise you on tightening your data management practices.
Advise Me

As your Virtual DPO, we manage your GDPR compliance:

Confirming that your processing and storage of personal data is transparent
Securing the access to data, ensuring that it’s available on a lease privilege or need-to-know basis
Identifying and managing risks by assisting with process flows and the creation of DPIA’s (Data Protection Impact Assessments)
Introducing data retention and archival policies and techniques to assist with compliance and efficiency
Undertaking important staff awareness training to make sure everybody is working in line with GDPR

The benefits of a Virtual DPO

There are considerable benefits to our consultants becoming your Virtual DPO. We’re GDPR experts, strategically and deliverable focused and always honest and ethical.


Be advised of cost-effective solutions to any gaps you have in your practices which don’t follow GDPR

Concentrate on running your business while we make assessments and monitor recommended changes

Protect the business from large fines and a loss of reputation

Receive honest, ethical and strictly confidential recommendations

What Our Clients Say

"We value the independence of Economit highly because we trust that when they make recommendations, they are made with the best interests of Smith of Derby"


Financial Director, Smith of Derby

"Economit have transformed our IT environment completely having successfully led a project to refresh IT and telecoms."


Managing Director, Scargill Mann

"It’s my pleasure to recommend Economit as a partner who can keep your I.T. systems progressive and secure."


Managing Director, DIPT Ltd

"There's been a significant improvement in the stability & sturdiness of our network since Economit took on the role of our Virtual CIO."


Compliance Officer, Marlborough Investment Management

Strengthening the IT backbone of the business

Assessing what had to be done to ensure their IT system was in line with their business.

Ensuring IT systems are safe and secure

Making sure systems and data are compliant, secure and in-line with regulatory requirements and best industry practice.

Setting a strong IT foundation for the business

Strengthening their IT foundations and acting as their IT Director to advise on their use of technology within the business.