Automating processes for Rosebridge Asset Management

Using Microsoft Power Platform to streamline its new Discretionary Fund Management service

Client overview

  • Rosebridge Asset Management
  • Bury, United Kingdom
  • Finance Industry
  • Rosebridge Asset Management delivers a range of long-term, globally diversified, risk-rated, active and passive investment solutions.

The IT challenges Rosebridge Asset Management faced

Rosebridge Asset Management launched its Discretionary Fund Management (DFM) in June 2023. Being a new company, they faced challenges due to the lack of existing infrastructure, requiring the development of systems to handle manual processes like trading, application forms, and communications.

Recognising the need for a robust solution, Rosebridge Asset Management’s Kerri Burden turned to Economit’s automation expert and Head of Technology, Sam Wainwright, having previously collaborated on a similar project. Kerri was confident in Sam's ability to navigate the complexities of the financial industry.

The collaboration kicked off with an initial virtual briefing session, followed by detailed discussions, proposal presentations and comprehensive project planning. Sam's familiarity with Kerri's requirements and the flexibility of the collaboration allowed for a dynamic and responsive partnership.

Creating an automation solution using the Microsoft Cloud

The main objective was to establish seamless communication between Rosebridge Asset Management and Advisory companies that use the proposition.

Our solution focused on creating an automated processing and communication system using services across the Microsoft Cloud. This included:

  • Azure: Azure SQL Database and Azure Data Factory to transform, cleanse and store Rosebridge’s data
  • Power Platform: Power Automate Desktop (Robotic Process Automation) to integrate with legacy financial systems, Power Apps to create bespoke applications for the Investment Team and Financial Advisors, and Power BI to report on key business data and provide regulatory oversight
  • Microsoft 365: Exchange Online to send notification emails and SharePoint Online to store documents for the system
  • Twilio: To send text messages to end clients

This system made submitting and processing application forms faster and easier, removing the need for manual involvement. It also opened the door for future collaborations, considering the possibility of expanding the proposition to other advisory firms.

This solution was crucial for Rosebridge Asset Management’s DFM launch which took place eight months after the kick-off call, cutting down manual work and allowing the team to focus on strategic tasks. The impact on the business was invaluable, saving essential time and ensuring the success of the DFM launch.

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Ongoing support and future opportunities

Kerri praised Sam's ongoing support and flexibility. Her positive experience has opened doors for future collaborations in other areas of the business, highlighting our continuing value.

"Working with Sam and the Economit team was truly a godsend. Their expertise and ongoing support were vital in launching our DFM service in-house. Sam's familiarity with our needs and the dynamic partnership we formed made the process easy.

“The processing and communication system they created not only automated tasks but also saved us invaluable time. I highly recommend Economit; their contributions have not only helped us achieve our goals but also opened doors for potential collaborations in other areas of our business."

Kerri Burden - Investment Manager and Analyst, Rosebridge Asset Management