Providing data protection services for your business


Our virtual Data Protection Officer will work with you to monitor and advise on data protection management

Having a virtual DPO working within your team means having a professional in place to monitor data protection compliance and make sure the business is always within the law. For bigger businesses or large-scale processing of ‘special category personally identifiable information’, or PII, a DPO is now an essential requirement.

We know compliance with data protection regulations can be complex, but we’ll help you get it right.

Our team can hit the ground running, without disrupting the day-to-day running of a business.

As your virtual DPO, we’ll:

  • Prevent any data breaches and potential financial or reputational losses
  • Consult on data management practices and GDPR
  • Offer ongoing data protection training
  • Achieve a compliant standard of data management for as long as you need

Acting as an independent voice for GDPR

Our virtual DPOs act as an independent voice to make sure your business is following GDPR compliance. Our data protection service is here to help you make things easier so your business can benefit, sooner.

Whether you work with our DPOs or CISOs, our experienced team are cross-discipline qualified, meaning they’re able to provide multiple roles at a high standard, within your business.

What is GDPR and why is it important

In May 2018, the EU brought in new rules around how we collect and process personal data online. Known as the EU General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR. These rules place stricter governance on businesses around data protection.

GDPR makes sure that consumers have greater rights to access and control the information that companies process about them. This means businesses need to have better processes in place to manage and store the data. If they fail to keep up with GDPR, the business faces loss of reputation and potential fines.