Offering Virtual CIO services for your business


Are you looking to have your IT services managed by an experienced IT professional but can’t justify a full-time hire? Speak to us about our Virtual CIO services.

Our team of consultants act as your virtual IT Director or Chief Information Officer, working to manage and drive your IT systems. They’ll bring the skills and confidence your business needs to manage a range of IT services from digital transformation consultancy, network and communications, data management and business process automation.

We’ll actively collaborate with other teams in your business to align IT systems to their requirements and help manage the systems so they’re constantly available to users. We’ll do this on an outsourced, part-time basis, delivering exactly the level of time and support that your business needs, at a fractional price.

As your CIO we’ll;

  • Innovate and drive your IT strategy
  • Work with and manage your existing IT team
  • Supervise digital transformation and systems migration projects
  • Manage your IT spend

Why hire a virtual CIO?

Our virtual CIO will hit the ground running, working strategically at board level and achieving solid results. This will save time on people management and hiring as well as the extra costs that come along with it. We’ll also work on-demand with you, so if you don’t need our support, we won’t charge you.

Working with a virtual CIO also avoids the messy management of working in a department you don’t understand, as our team gives independent IT leadership, strategy and direction based on their own experience.

We’ll also manage any future IT projects, conduct audits and assessments on your existing infrastructure and create technology strategies that are straightforward to understand and implement.