Setting a strong IT foundation for DIPT Ltd

As the business focused more online, we strengthened the IT foundations and now act as IT Director to help advise on the use of technology within the business

Client overview

  • DiPT Ltd
  • Bolton and Litchfield, UK
  • Construction Industry
  • Protrade sells a huge range of construction products to the trades both in-store and online. The company recently branched out into hiring out and repairing products too.

Launched in 1973, DIPT Ltd is the parent group of Protrade and Metal Fabrication supplies, providing tools and equipment to the construction industry. For a company with a lot of competition online and with over 10,000 product lines, it’s important they’re recognised for their care for quality and assurance.

The challenges DIPT Ltd faced in a busy online market

With many of the management team approaching retirement, they wanted to make sure the IT systems were in good shape to hand over to the incoming management team. This would help lay the foundation for the business to continue to thrive well into the future and ensure technology was the focus for a long-lasting business.

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Providing solutions to help strengthen their online presence and reputation for quality

When we started working with the team, we needed to do an initial IT assessment and audit to understand the current state of their systems and identify potential improvements.

DIPT then appointed us as their virtual Chief Information Officer to help deliver a security focused, digital transformation project and deliver the benefits from the recommendations outlined in our IT assessment.

All these steps have helped to significantly improve the business’s IT system’s security, performance and robustness, whilst still delivering cost savings to the business.

“Since engaging with Economit we’ve benefitted significantly from the services offered as well as the knowledge and experience the Economit team brings to the table. They’ve integrated seamlessly into our organisation and allowed us to facilitate change in a structured and effective manner. It’s my pleasure to recommend Economit as a partner who can keep your I.T. systems progressive and secure.”

Matt Bradshaw - Managing Director, DIPT