Meet the team

Working as your independent and impartial IT consultant, virtually

Here at Economit, we’re focused on delivering a range of virtual IT services to help businesses of all sizes. Whether it’s making your environment secure and compliant, managing systems, training teams or running digital transformation projects, we’ve got the know-how to handle your IT.

So, why work with a virtual IT department?

Well, it keeps costs down significantly which is essential for businesses whilst placing experienced director-level consultants into roles they can handle. We’ll act as your very own on-demand technology consultant IT Director when you need it.

Economit was established with business-driven motivation at the core of our ethos. We know the role of an IT professional is evolving from one that’s focused on the nuts and bolts of how IT works, to one that’s focused on how technology propels business. 

We’re not tied to any products or services and don’t receive any commission for our recommendations. This means our clients trust us to deliver them honest and impartial consultancy advice, focusing on what’s best for their business.

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Why Economit
is different

Most businesses want to use technology to their advantage– “do more with less” and get a return on investment. But with such a wide range of technology now available, it's hard to know what to invest in without making a costly wrong decision.

We’re different to other IT partners as we give impartial and independent advice, unlike other suppliers who have financially incentivised agreements with bigger IT suppliers. We’ll help you choose the best technology solution for your business from an open market— not what’s best for our preferences. We’ve spent years building up trust with our clients and providing the best possible IT service they can rely on.


Our virtual IT staff

Put a face to the name of our virtual IT staff and meet the team helping businesses like yours to get on top of their IT systems and data needs.