Acting as your virtual CISO for your business


Working with our virtual CISO will steer your IT systems in the right direction, improving your information security to safeguard your data and your business

Your business will process data that are both valuable and essential for business performance. Understanding the complexity of information security obligations and determining how they can affect your organisation’s security posture, can be overwhelming.

Working with an information security consultant will create a strategy to keep your organisation’s information secure and compliant moving forward.

As your virtual CISO, we’ll:

  • Deliver strategic director-level experience and knowledge at a fraction of the cost
  • Plan, implement and continue to manage compliant systems, avoiding any financial fines or reputation damage
  • Make essential decisions around IT security to prevent incidents
  • Improve compliance standards and continue them as your business grows
  • Get your business up to standard with ISO 27001 and/or Cyber Essentials compliance

Why work with a virtual CISO

Working with our virtual CISO will give your business an independent view of your cyber security and information security posture, helping you mitigate threats, working strategically with you to make sure that your systems and processes will grow with the business’s strategy, and ensuring your information defence budget is spent wisely and effectively.

With our experienced team, here at Economit, means you can merge the roles your business needs into one, keeping your business compliant as well as mitigating cyber risks.