Safeguarding financial data with Marlborough Group Holdings

Putting the right IT infrastructure in place to stop cybersecurity breaches and regulation penalties

Client overview

  • Marlborough Group Holdings
  • Bolton & Litchfield, United Kingdom
  • Finance Industry
  • Since 1985, Marlborough Investments has been offering a wide range of expertise and investment propositions to businesses everywhere.

Established in 1985, Marlborough Group Holdings provides management services to IFA distributors, charities and trust funds. Operating in a highly regulated financial services industry means Marlborough Group Holdings is under constant scrutiny from customers and regulatory bodies such as the FCA.

The potential IT challenges they could face

Working with charities and trusts means their commitment to compliance, security and building trust is second to none. If they were ever to experience an IT outage or a cybersecurity incident, they risk losing their hard-earned reputation and customer confidence. They could also face heavy penalties from their industry regulators.

So, how can a company like Marlborough Group Holdings make sure their data won’t be breached and their IT systems are fail-safe?

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How we created their solutions

The solution for Marlborough Group Holdings is to put in place a solid IT infrastructure that can cope with any type of cyber security breach or outage- before it happens.

Acting as their virtual Chief Information Officer, we impartially govern the IT landscape for Marlborough Investment Management, making sure they’re secure, efficient, robust and in line with regulations and best practices, at all times.

Here at Economit, we’re committed to best practices which we continue to work on with independent certifications such as Cyber Essentials Plus. Our clients know we take cyber security seriously and can reassure them their data is safe with the business.

Each month, we host an IT strategy meeting with the business stakeholders to deliver updates on how IT projects are progressing and to advise on any new technologies or accreditations which could be implemented by the business to drive a culture of continuous improvement.

“There has been a significant improvement in the stability and sturdiness of our network and associated applications since Economit took on the role of our Virtual CIO. This has assured us both in terms of network security and our compliance with our regulatory obligations.”

Kim Cooling - Compliance Officer, Marlborough Group Holdings