Paul Birdseye

Learn more about our Business Development Manager and Consultant, Paul Birdseye, his previous experience before joining our team at Economit.


Introducing our Business Development Manager, Paul Birdseye

Your name and job title

Paul Birdseye
Business Development Manager and Consultant

Your accreditations or qualifications

Business Management BS
ISO 9001 Internal Auditor
ISO 27001 Internal Auditor

Explain a little about your area of expertise and what you do at Economit

I'm relatively new to the industry, so I'm currently supporting senior consultants and expanding my knowledge of the market and its needs.

What attracted you to this type of role and how long have you worked in this area?

It’s a dynamic market where security is in a fast-paced and ever-accelerating race to keep up with developing threats. I’ve only recently made the move from senior business management in the business process outsourcing arena, into the Quality Standards and Information Security world.

My favourite bit of my job is...

Developing new skills and applying my business experience to help clients organise and protect their business. I’m able to help clients avoid current risks whilst preparing them to face new challenges.

In my spare time, you’ll find me…

With my family. I enjoy listening to music, going to the theatre, and SCUBA diving.

My first memory of technology was...

As a toddler, I was amazed by Uncle Hughie’s portable reel-to-reel recorder (not even a cassette)! I’ve since worked all over the world with pioneers in high-resolution laser imaging, medical scanning, laser optics and holography.

The best piece of IT advice I’ve ever been given...

Never expect that which you don't inspect...

My top takeaway for clients is...

“Hope” is not a strategy.