Developing bespoke applications on Microsoft’s Power Platform


Power Apps experts for your digital transformation projects

Digital transformation is a buzzword many businesses use without really being sure what it really means or what a successful transformation project should look like. As the name suggests, digital transformation looks to digitally change a business by relying more on technology to enhance processes and generally speed up tasks.

For a successful transformation, the project needs to be run by a highly qualified team that gets heavily involved in the technology details. Without an in-depth understanding of the business, the technology and an achievable roadmap of objectives, projects can become very costly and lengthy.

If you’re considering adopting Microsoft Power Platform for your business or want to understand more about what our team of virtual CIOs can do for your project, get in touch with us today.

What is the Microsoft Power Platform and why would your business benefit from using it?

The Microsoft Power Platform is a set of low-code tools like Power BI and Power Apps that can help build workflows, apps and other digital solutions that help businesses become more streamlined and efficient.

Our team gained years of experience working with Microsoft’s Power Platform and can develop bespoke applications that will help your business grow. We’ll create automated processes, fast-response digital applications and workflows that will enhance your business and create a faster, more responsive output for your teams.

Whether you’re familiar with what the Microsoft 365 suite can do for your business or want to learn more about it, our team can help you make the right decisions for you.

If you’re curious about the power Microsoft 365 could bring your business or want to get the best out of the suite of power apps available, our team can help.

What working with our team would look like

If you’re wondering what the next steps to digital transformation look like, working with us will involve:

  • An initial assessment of your current IT systems and if you’ve started on a digital transformation project, we’ll pick up where it left off
  • We’ll then create a new IT strategy that will incorporate bespoke applications and digital solutions that will help your business become more efficient and streamlined
  • Depending on which services you need, our team of virtual CIOs will project manage, develop and implement the digital services your business needs.
  • Once your project is underway, we’ll make sure your automated processes and IT systems are working at their best for you. Our on-demand virtual team will then act on your behalf, keeping things running smoothly, day-to-day.

Whether you’re looking for a new audit and inventory system, a digital solution for your consumer website or want to digitize your customer service offering, we have the know-how to help.