Reduce IT costs

Understand Your True IT Costs to Reduce Your Expenditure, Increase Efficiency and Maximise your ROI.
Most business owners feel that IT expenditure is difficult to control and even harder to determine a return on investment, especially if an experienced IT professional is not available to fully assess the true cost and impact of your IT expenditure. We take time to analyse your IT spend in detail, both capex and overall running costs.
With a deep, executive level understanding of how your business works, we assess how to reduce your overall IT costs, whilst maintaining efficiency. IT departments can be a wasteful and financially complacent area of the business.

IT Infrastructure We Audit to Make Your Business More Cost-Effective:

  • Telephony systems
  • Software licensing
  • Total cost of ownership of legacy systems and equipment
  • Server/Cloud hosting costs
  • IT support contract review and management
  • Digital transformation projects
  • Online collaboration

Is Your IT Spend a Black Hole?

With SaaS licensing models, open source options and diverse technology products are all available to be taken almost immediate advantage of, so cost-effective IT solutions are out there. Our expertise helps reduce your operational IT expenditure whilst maintaining or even increasing business efficiency.

All our consultants provide impartial and independent consultancy, we never recommend IT products unless we feel it’s beneficial and in the interests of our clients. We are not a part of any incestuous IT and telecoms “reseller” or “channel” network and we don’t partner with any particular hardware or software vendors.

This is important because many IT service organisations do – this means that they will likely recommend vendors that provide them with the most commission for promoting IT services, which is a good reason why you could be spending too much! We’re proud of our impartial, independent IT consultancy which means we execute your IT strategy with your best interests at our core – that’s why you can trust us.

Working across the country, but specifically in locations along the M1 including Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Birmingham and London, we’ve helped companies through our consultancy services to reduce the costs of their IT and maximise return on investment.

If you’re a business looking to implement some considerable changes to the cost of your IT infrastructure, please contact us or
call 01332 447 447.

Our Fractional CIO as a Service

Your on-demand CIO possesses all the skills needed to expertly manage a wide range of IT resources, including people, policies, devices, printers, telephone systems, data centres, servers and networks. We secure your data and IT systems against loss or attack by viruses or other malicious threats. Your fractional CIO will modify your IT security policy to protect corporate data on employees' mobile devices while ensuring the privacy of users’ personal data. We actively collaborate with your business departments to align your IT systems to their requirements and manage the systems to ensure they're constantly available to users. Our IT recommendations could include the restructure of your internal team to both challenge and support your employees. We review your IT department as part of our Resource Struc¬turing service to ensure your business has high performing IT people whose IT skills will drive your business.