Digital Transformation & Automation

Transforming technology and systems to provide business competitive advantage

Transforming Your Technology, People and Processes

Digital transformation is a common buzzword, with organisations still trying to define and understand what a skilfully executed digital transformation program should look like. The ability to digitally transform your business is typically a significant task that requires not only an in-depth understanding of technology, but also a detailed understanding of your business, including your processes and a roadmap of your objectives.

Ultimately digital transformation is about return on investment and ensuring that any project undertaken has delivered demonstrable value to the business

End-to-end, Expert Management of your Digital Transformation Journey

Our consultancy services are perfectly positioned to deliver a truly “end to end” IT transformation process by initially determining your scope and developing a deep understanding of your current systems and architecture in order to ensure the long term success of your project. Each digital transformation journey is different and consideration must be given to an organisation’s existing level of digital maturity, budget, security, compliance/regulatory whilst determining commercial viability from the outset. Managing a high degree of change whilst maintaining a high level of security both throughout the change process and post go-live is an integral requirement of any digital transformation programme.

Why is Digital Transformation Important?

  • Businesses with robust IT systems at their core stay ahead of their competitors, trading profitably and delivering excellent customer service by means of efficient processes
  • Organisations that have undergone digital transformation typically enjoy higher levels of client retention, employee retention and commercial sustainability
  • Digital transformation positively impacts your bottom line, with significant benefits quickly being realised
  • Your competitors are likely to be either considering embarking on a digital transformation programme or have one underway already

Our Digital Transformation Process

We’re proud of our impartial, independent IT consultative approach, which means we always execute your IT strategy with your business objectives at its core. That’s why our clients trust us implicitly with what is considered by most as the “backbone” service of the organisation. Our independent, impartial approach is also our guarantee!

Through years of experience, we have developed a four-stage digital transformation process for working with our clients, to meet their best interests over the long-term:

1. IT Assessment

When we first start to work with you, it’s important for us to assess every aspect of your business and the contribution of your current IT setup

We Review and Assess Your:

  • IT Infrastructure
  • Hardware lifecycle
  • Application portfolio
  • Software licensing
  • Landline Communications
  • Mobile Communications
  • Existing support providers – performance and contracts
  • IT Security and risk
  • IT Procurement
  • Staff awareness and tech coaching

2. Develop an Independent IT Strategy

We produce a tailored IT strategy for your business that transforms the way you utilise technology, maximises efficiency and reduces overall IT costs.

3. Project Manage the Implementation

We manage any recommended changes to your IT systems so you don’t have to. We deal with all IT service providers on your behalf in terms of managing their performance and handling communications and become their general reporting line.

The net result is that our clients have an experienced and qualified independent IT executive handling their technology estate and affairs.

4. Making you an Informed Client

As your Fractional IT Director, we ensure you have senior technology leadership and representation with your organisation’s goals and objectives as their goals and objectives.

Digital Automation of Processes

Economit’s consultants will work closely with your organisation to determine the potential for process improvement through the introduction of automation technologies.

Process automation needs to be part of a cohesive IT strategy and required a holistic approach in conjunction with other key components of an organisation’s technology stack including security, infrastructure, compliance and application portfolio.

Working across the country, but specifically in locations along the M1/M6 corridor including Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Sheffield, Birmingham and London, we’ve helped companies through our consulting services to implement the digital changes their business demands.

If you’re a business looking to implement some considerable changes to the digital side of your business, please contact us or
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Digital Transformation & Automation

Digital Transformation & Automation

Transform your digital landscape to give your business the competitive edge and implement automatic processes to increase efficiency.
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