Independent, impartial IT consultancy

Delivering you an honest IT strategy to meet your business objectives and maximising return on investment from your IT expenditure.
Our goal is for our clients to achieve their business aspirations by maximising their Return On Investment through their IT expenditure. We’re not IT resellers and operate on a zero commission, strictly impartial policy. We never accept any financial incentive from suppliers for recommending IT products and services, ensuring that you realise the best solution for their businesses.

We provide consultancy in:

Reducing IT costs

We help you to understand your IT expenditure in detail to ensure that you are using the most cost-effective options, enabling you to control your IT spend and clarify your Return on Investment.

Reviewing Your IT infrastructure

After gaining an indepth understanding of your business, we provide you with concise and impartial recommendations to optimise your IT systems performance, with a clear plan of action to ensure that your IT infrastructure meets business requirements.

Service Delivery

We ensure that your IT service delivery closely aligns with your business goals and that both are working in unison to drive your business growth.

Resource Structuring

It’s crucial for any business to have IT resources which drive your business strategy. We review your IT department to ensure your systems, processes and people are working to your advantage.

Acquisitions and Mergers

Many businesses struggle with the integration process of different IT systems between merging businesses. We can plan and execute a tight implementation project plan to merge disparate IT systems.

Information Security

Security isn’t just IT systems and security software, it’s your employee’s adoption of your IT security policies. Our tailored data strategy ensures that in the event of a data breach you communicate this effectively and resume safe operations as quickly as possible.
(Over 80% of data breaches are caused by human error)

IT Procurement

We assess your business’ current IT procurement processes. Our methodologies and experience support your development of robust purchasing processes to deliver significant value and competitive advantage.

Communication Technology

Using our expert knowledge of the technology industry, we provide you with a clear, impartial understanding of how communication enhancements can be made and very often reduce your telecoms costs .

Expert Witness Services

We deliver an expert IT witness service for scenarios involving employment tribunals, third party IT service provider disputes, data theft and loss, IT procedural and policy-based matters to support you in your case.

Data Management

Effective data management is one of the most difficult tasks in the realm of information technology management as the nature of data at a “bits and bytes” level is largely invisible to most organisations. We ensure the business has a clear understanding of its data estate including storage location, configuration, capacity and security/privacy risks.

Cloud Computing

A strong cloud strategy changes the way businesses work for the better, creating efficiencies, reducing the cost of installing on premise systems, enhancing data security, providing scalability, worker mobility and disaster recovery.

If you’re a business looking to undertake some IT assessments an audits and would like some independent consultancy to help, please contact us or
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Independent, impartial IT consultancy

Independent, impartial IT consultancy

Receive impartial assessments and audits from our IT consultants to provide you with a comprehensive business IT strategy.
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