Fractional CISO – Key Information Security Skills on Demand

IT Systems Management, Information Security & The Safeguarding of your Data.

A Fractional CISO provides all the Director level IT skills you would expect from a CIO – including management and accountability for your IT estate, systems and processes, with an extra layer of information security embedded all the way through your systems, policies and procedures. Our experts guard the information and high value data which is critical to your business’ performance and success.

All businesses hold data, where the majority is both valuable and critical to their performance, however, a full understanding of their data estate is rare, especially as the rate of data growth is considerable. If data growth is poorly maintained, it can lead to the business becoming vulnerable and inefficient.

360 Degree Management of your Data Estate


Clarifying what and where data is held

To ensure that it’s being securely stored and to help prevent the risk of a costly data breach

Simplifying access to data

Ensuring that your data is only available to those who require access

Removing and archiving unnecessary data

Reducing costs and clutter to make it easier to clarify what data is being stored

Introducing data retention and archival policies

Including your approach to cloud storage and BYOD to assist with complying to regulations and maintaining efficiencies
Secure Data
Fractional CISO

If you’re looking to gain compliance for standards such as ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials, we can also guide you through that.
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Why Trust Us With Your Information Security?

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We help companies achieve their ISO 27001 status

We have worked with 100 clients

We are all qualified DPOs

The analysis and recommendations we provide will allow you to regain control of your data and help it to work in your favour. If you’re looking to gain compliance for standards such as ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials, we can also guide you through that. We’re proud of our impartial, independent offering which means we can execute our duties with our client’s best interests at the forefront. That’s why they trust us.

We offer our fractional CISO as an on-demand service throughout the UK, but specifically in locations along the M1 including Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Birmingham and London, we’ve helped companies to implement the security changes their business needs.

Our Fractional CIO as a Service

Your on-demand CIO possesses all the skills needed to expertly manage a wide range of IT resources, including people, policies, devices, printers, telephone systems, data centres, servers and networks. We secure your data and IT systems against loss or attack by viruses or other malicious threats. Your fractional CIO will modify your IT security policy to protect corporate data on employees' mobile devices while ensuring the privacy of users’ personal data. We actively collaborate with your business departments to align your IT systems to their requirements and manage the systems to ensure they're constantly available to users. Our IT recommendations could include the restructure of your internal team to both challenge and support your employees. We review your IT department as part of our Resource Struc¬turing service to ensure your business has high performing IT people whose IT skills will drive your business.


We value the independence of Economit highly because we trust that when they make recommendations, they are made with the best interests of Smith of Derby


Financial Director, Smith of Derby

Economit have transformed our IT environment completely having successfully led a project to refresh IT and telecoms.


Managing Director, Scargill Mann

It’s my pleasure to recommend Economit as a partner who can keep your I.T. systems progressive and secure.


Managing Director, DIPT Ltd

There has been a significant improvement in the stability and sturdiness of our network and associated applications since Economit took on the role of our Virtual CIO.


Compliance Officer, Marlborough Investment Management

Ensuring IT systems are safe and secure

Making sure systems and data are compliant, secure and in-line with regulatory requirements and best industry practice.

Strengthening the IT backbone of the business

Assessing what had to be done to ensure their IT system was in line with their business.

Setting a strong IT foundation for the business

Strengthening their IT foundations and acting as their IT Director to advise on their use of technology within the business.