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Fractional IT Director

Are IT Directors just for large organisations with lots of IT staff?

In the past businesses would employ an IT Director when they felt the need for a significant level of management or direction. At Economit we are turning this process on its head and offering businesses cost-effective and ongoing oversight of their IT needs through our Fractional IT Director. Now businesses that don’t need a full-time IT director can buy as much as they need.

Most IT consultants are expensive so I’m assuming this service is costly?

Here at Economit our focus is on to reducing our clients IT expenditure by offering an excellent return-on-investment for our time. We have found that we normally reduce IT expenditure costs by more than double our consultancy fees.

I own a small business and an IT strategy sounds overkill for me.

In the past IT strategies may have been something for larger organisations, but with technology changes and improved pricing and availability of business software, smaller businesses have more options than ever.

With more choice comes confusion and that can lead to escalating costs or your business being mis-sold to. We ensure sure this doesn’t happen as we don’t benefit from recommending any particular products and services.

IT strategy isn’t about loading your business with more costs – it’s about making your business more efficient and cost effective through using IT.

Our offer means that businesses of any size can have a cost-effective IT strategy.

Can you help my business streamline its processes?

Yes. This is a large part of our IT assessments and on-going IT Director service. Our monthly meetings are designed for our clients to table business objectives and also for your Economit IT Director to bring fresh new ideas and ways of working for your business to consider.

Changing to Economit from other IT partners

My current IT service provider gives me advice on what products to buy so why do I need this service?

IT Service providers align themselves to particular manufacturers or sell their own services such as IT support meaning it’s impossible to be sure if their advice is based on your best interests or theirs. Economit, on the other hand, guarantees truly independent advice and consultancy guarantees, as we do not accept commissions or referral fees from any third parties. We promise to keep things that way.

Why do I need an Independent IT Assessment when my IT Manager or IT support provider already maintains my infrastructure?

We provide independent IT advice to businesses arming them with the knowledge to ensure total IT efficiency and transparency. Typically, IT support providers and IT Managers are given budgets to spend and provide break fix IT services. Economit will not only police this process on behalf of the business but also create a coherent, cost-effective IT strategy moving forward.

I’ve been with my IT provider for years and totally trust what they tell me, why would I need Economit?

Gaining trust with an IT provider is a good thing and something we encourage at Economit. Here we call this the ‘Comfort Zone’. This is where a business totally relies on their chosen provider whom is never benchmarked against competitors in the local market place. The only way to be sure you are getting a deal is to have an independent consultant offer their viewpoint – this is where Economit comes in.

Do you offer IT Support like my current provider?

No – and this is a key part of how we can remain truly independent. We assess your businesses’ use of IT, marry this to your business objectives and then create an independent cost effective IT strategy.

We get the planning right and find the best fit partners to put it in to place for you. We make sure whatever is put in place has been done to a satisfactory standard with the best interests of our client in mind every step of the way.


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