The (real life) Social Network

Being part of a company where we champion and encourage the use of technology to make business and work life better, I am obviously a fan of social media. Whether it be the snapshot of life you get from Instagram, the constant feed of insight from Twitter or the ease of staying in contact through Facebook – the world has never been more connected. While the endless ‘selfies’, posts and tweets may connect us, many are realising that they are no replacement for personal interaction.

A big part of my job here at Economit has been building relationships. I’ve realised that no matter how many emails, tweets or phone calls you share with someone, it just isn’t the same as saying ‘hi’ face to face. When you have had a coffee, dinner or spent any period of time with a contact, naturally the dynamic changes. That person goes from being a name to a face, from a LinkedIn picture to a person with interests and hobbies – in person, you don’t add contacts you build relationships.

We understand that everyone’s IT needs differ, we are not a one-size-fits all kind of company, this needs to be reflected in our approach to meeting people, each client and their business is different so getting to know them is key if we are to advise on best practice for THEIR company. Social networking can only do so much.

This is why for me, Networking is vital. Having that opportunity to converse with someone, to find out who they are is just as important as what they do. I’ve been fortunate enough to attend some great events. Whether it has been attending the football events organised by the guys at Else solicitors, having a round of golf at Fore Business, exploring some of Derby’s hidden gems and most prominent companies with the team at Marketing Derby or gathering with business leaders at the Nottingham city business club and Nottingham means business – I have built some great relationships with a diverse group of people. The relationships formed through these groups now make up my trusted network.

If it’s a choice between social media or real life interaction through networking, then networking wins hands down. Luckily it isn’t, technology helps cultivate great relationships as it helps us stay in touch, even at our busiest – just remember not to substitute personal interaction with your LinkedIn feed.