ISO 27001 Consultancy Services in the Midlands and London

Identify the gaps in your IT security and ensure all aspects of your business is complying to the standards.

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is an international standard which promotes the responsible management of information and identifies gaps in the security of information held and processed within an organisation. It was created to enable businesses to implement, improve and maintain their information security practices.

The benefits of ISO 27001 to your business

ISO 27001 accreditation can have substantial benefits to your business, employees and customers by implementing transparent, ethical and safe policies and procedures to ensure the responsible management of information processing and storage.

Benefits to achieving the standard can include:

  • Winning new customers
    Many businesses require their suppliers to have ISO 27001 accreditation and want the confidence that you take data management seriously
  • Reduces the risk of data incidents
    Protect your business against regulatory fines and loss of a good reputation
  • Improves internal data processing
    Safeguards information and data that the business holds and ensure practices are secure

There is an undeniable advantage to gaining ISO 27001 accreditation for your business and can be an extremely positive return on investment. It can help protect your business for the future and supports you through growth.

At Economit, we can start the process of carefully guiding your through ISO 27001 by undertaking a free and impartial consultation to access your current situation and recommend further actions.

How to become ISO 27001 certified

Gaining ISO 27001 accreditation requires the cooperation of staff across the whole business and can seem like a daunting task. At Economit, we tailor our independent consultancy for each business we work with to make it easy for them to implement the changes they need to achieve ISO 27001 certification.

Our free initial consultation can help us to understand your business’s requirement for accreditation and understand you and your organisation so that we can tailor advice, policies and practices to you.

From there, we can take your business through the various steps to gaining ISO 27001 accreditation:

  • Scope and gap analysis
  • An internal audit to bring together evidence of current practices
  • Planning and preparation to implement changes
  • Support throughout the implementation process
  • Reporting to define which aspects still need work
  • Ongoing support to ensure the accreditation is maintained

Additional ISO 27001 services

Along with offering individually tailored ISO 27001 services, we provide businesses with fixed priced services to help you take steps closer to achieving the accreditation or to tighten key aspects of your business processes.

Gap analysis

We can assess your current processes to identify how in line you are with ISO 27001 standards. Even though it’s not able to tell you which changes need to be implemented, it does a good job of informing you of where there are inconsistencies in your practices.

Internal audit

For businesses, it can be easy to assume that the process of an internal audit takes a long time, is overly expensive and takes a lot of resources to accomplish. We can arrange for an auditor to be at your side supporting your business through the process of complying to the ISO 27001 standard.

We strive to make it a simple, hassle-free process and ensure that you receive a considerable return on your investment.


For the ISO 27001 standard to make a difference to your business, every employee needs to understand how to comply. We will take them through expert training to show them what it takes and ensure they are aware of the considerable benefits the standard can bring to your business.

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ISO 27001

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