Getting Cyber Security Right

It goes without saying that cyber security is the tech theme of the moment. Yahoo! just had 1 billion accounts hacked the other day and there will no doubt be further high profile victims ready and waiting to be sprung in the media shortly. It’s inevitable. No individual or organisation is really completely safe. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

But for the vast majority of businesses, getting the simple and basic things right will provide more than adequate protection against increasingly clever and resourceful cyber criminals. It’s also easier for smaller organisations to provide adequate protection for themselves as they typically have fewer locations storing data and the size of that data is miniscule in comparison to the like of the Yahoo!’s of this world. But the fact of the matter is that the majority of businesses don’t provide adequate protection. Not even close in fact.

A few years ago, the good ol’ government brought out a little gem of a standard – Cyber Essentials. Simply put, the standard ensures that anyone carrying it’s favourable marker is a reputable digital-faring business. A business that has got the basics right, the not-so basics pretty good and the definitely not basic catered for in its tech roadmap.

Cyber Essentials is a standard that Economit (and many other like-minded high tech IT consultancies) believes in. We have held the standard for a number of years now as have our esteemed client base. When applied correctly and to the letter of the law, Cyber Essentials ensures worthwhile policies and procedures are put in place and adhered to, adequate digital protection is in place across all devices (including mobile ones) and the personnel responsible for managing IT environments have standardised, clear and above all correct procedures to follow.

Why is this so important? Well, if you store digital data either on your own, your customers or your suppliers behalves then it is your responsibility to protect that data and in turn the reputation of everyone concerned. In IT security terms, if you’re not part of the solution then by default, you’re part of the problem.

Contact us today to join our growing list of Cyber Essentials accredited companies such as Sygnature Discovery, Marlborough Group, Smith of Derby, Futures Advice and many others and prove you are serious about cyber security.