Cyber Essentials Consultant in the Midlands and London

Independently guiding businesses through the Cyber Essentials accreditation to boost trust and growth.

Economit is Cyber Essentials Plus independently accredited who have successfully guided multiple businesses through the accreditation themselves and provided them with impartial advice throughout Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, West Midlands, Yorkshire and London.

What is Cyber Essentials?

The government-backed Cyber Essentials scheme is a world-leading and cost-effective solution to help businesses to reassure customers and stakeholders that the correct procedures and policies are in place to protect data and information.

There are two levels of the Cyber Essentials certification available to your organisation:

Cyber Essentials – Includes the process of a self-assessment questionnaire and an external vulnerability scan which independently confirms your security status

Cyber Essentials Plus – Includes everything for the standard Cyber Essentials certification, but also involves an additional internal scan and an on-site assessment

The benefits of having Cyber Essentials certification

The Cyber Essentials scheme provides many benefits to your business and it’s future.

  • Protect your business against cyber attacks
  • Ensure your supply chain is secure by protecting the data of your business, customers and suppliers
  • Expand your business opportunities by improving your reputation with a Cyber Essentials certification
  • Reduce cyber insurance premiums by demonstrating that you are actively working to improve your security
  • Increase your chances of being permitted to work with the UK government and the MOD

Economit has achieved a Cyber Essentials certification and our consultants are experts in ensuring businesses are in line with the standards. Our consultants will independently assess your current practices and impartially provide reports and recommendations on what needs to change for you to achieve the certification.

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials

Become Cyber Essentials certified to demonstrate to your customers and stakeholders that you take your cyber security seriously.
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