The Biggest Error SME’s make in IT Judgement

SME organisations that don’t operate in the technology sector, as a rule generally don’t employ technical staff that have the ability to question the IT status quo or make positive decisions in the best interests of the company they represent.

In fact, most SME’s tend to outsource their IT support to external providers and heavily rely on them to make critical IT decisions. And herein lies the problem…
Alongside outsourcing their IT support requirements, many SME’s also have the tendency to believe that these IT suppliers have the ability to make and offer strategic business level IT decisions as part of their operating deal.

This would be great if it was true but sadly isn’t the case. Instead, a lot of IT support companies prefer to offer reactive breaks/fix service models – which centre on the idea of “keeping the lights on” – rather than strategic tools that can help to make your business “better”.

Now, this isn’t to discredit this technique/approach as it is extremely important to keep your businesses “lights on” and operating. However, the scope of such a service is very narrow when you consider the vastly complicated digital world that we live in today.

Not only does this type of service traditionally not aim to digitally transform your business; it won’t enable you to experience the kind of growth and sales revenue that is possible from such endeavours. When placed on a larger scale, its sole goal is to enable you to get by.

That is why engaging with an independent and impartial senior IT professional – who can take responsibility for all things digital within your business – is so vital.

With their assistance you can: ensure that your costs remain controlled and minimised; reduce and even automate your manual processes (wherever possible), and most importantly, they can help you to achieve a tangible return on your IT expenditures which can ensure that your business is recognised as a digitally forward thinking organisation.