Does your A team know your plan A?

A business cannot function effectively without staff buying in to its technology strategy. A cultural understanding and knowledge of how individuals should utilise a company’s chosen tech tools for optimum performance is key. Whether inputting data, writing word documents, creating applications or supporting the infrastructure; technology should work to increase individual performance as well as improve interaction and communication.

Our experience has shown that many companies don’t have the in house technical knowledge to really ensure that staff are best equipped to achieve this optimum performance through the recruitment and then development process. In fact, industry data shows that many new starters leave due to the lack of an effective on boarding process, and many more leaving due to a lack of ongoing development and training. With technology acting at the forefront of delivering most job roles, we have worked with our clients to bridge this gap.

Throughout our involvement as IT Directors or through IT project implementation, we are supporting not only technical change but also personnel on boarding, change, growth, restructure and development. As a result we have added this as a valuable addition to our portfolio of services. Our in house recruitment team, can understand your technology strategy, develop it and then communicate that to the candidate marketplace to ensure that you recruit the right people and not just a set of key technical terms.

Economit can support you through job specification, resourcing, advertising, interviewing and decision making.

Whilst recruitment and team growth is one avenue we support, ongoing development of established team members through our mentoring service is a valuable way to keep staff up to date and effective. Whether it is a refresher session on office applications or your new CRM system, we can deliver a focused and personable session to engage and educate.

Economit delivers value because we are a technical business that understands the dynamics of other businesses, the individuals involved and how to best deliver training that suits the audience. You only truly understand what you can achieve through technology when all your staff are recruited effectively and then equipped with the right knowledge.